Nominate Yourself or Your Team for the Ultimate Leadership Training


Nominations Now Open for the 2019 Ultimate Leadership Training Cohorts

Nominate yourself or up to 5 members of your team to participate in the 3-day Ultimate Leadership Training. Once you identify yourself and/or up to 5 people, such as senior executives, emerging leaders, highly skilled individuals, and people who are committed to bringing something to your organization, we will interview them and select them for the program.

Here’s How the Ultimate Leadership Training Works:

    • Starting with the results you want, we evaluate where you are now and calculate your performance gap.
    • Participants begin immediate application of techniques that help change behaviour and develop new habits.
    • New behaviours are applied directly to real business issues. Because of our unique process, we are able to hardwire these changes into your organization to ensure long-term, ongoing results.
    • Ultimate Leadership Training graduates are more capable, skilled leaders who have strengthened their leadership and management competencies in the areas of: action, relationship management, and strategic thinking

Nominate Yourself and/or Your Team Members for the Ultimate Leadership Training Cohorts in 2019