Ultimate Leadership Training

Imagine transforming life’s little hardships into positive energy you can use to thrive as a leader. We’ve worked with some of the best leaders in the world, and in doing so, it’s become clear to us that effective leadership is more about “being” than “doing.”

The Awakened Leader

February 28 and March 1, 2018

Awakened Leader will help you develop the awareness of how your thoughts and emotions create a blueprint for your leadership behaviour.

Using the powerful skills of strategy, coaching, creative conversations and learning, you will notice patterns in your thoughts, actions and results. You will use reflection, fun and vision to uncover and conquer those challenges that have been blocking you.

Objectives and Learning Promise

  1. Learn a strategy for continuous awareness of your surroundings and reactions
  2. Shift your thinking from authority to collaborator
  3. Learn a process to adapt with unexpected problems
  4. Move from reactive to creative impulses to improve communication
  5. Learn how to create a connected and supportive environment

Get Great Results in Business and Life with the Awakened Leader

We believe that great results happen by shifting your consciousness from a performance focus to an internal awareness focus. During this session you will become an Awakened Leader who:

  • Knows that awareness is actually a continuous practice
  • Finds a strategy to adapt to life’s ups and downs
  • Realizes that your reactions are your reactions alone, and they actually follow you from work to home and back
  • Strives to communicate about what’s important rather than getting caught up in unhealthy talk
  • Recognizes how competition is killing the collaboration needed to succeed
  • Knows that mistakes will happen and strives to create conversations that allow for learning and improvement

Our group setting advantage will allow you to accelerate your learning by practicing with others in preparation for taking your new skills back to your daily life.


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Workshop Venue - Alpina Lodge at Le Nordik


Resilient Leadership (March 21, 2018)

This course is open only to those who have taken The Awakened Leader.


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Imagine turning conflict into inspiration. Resilient Leadership will harness your fear of conflict and direct your energy towards creativity and solutions.

The Leadership Group’s Resilient Leadership provides an opportunity for leaders to identify and address stressors that are hurting individual or team performance. Learn how to adapt to fluctuating interpersonal experiences, as well as internal and external pressures. Grow from adversity, and move forward with greater strength and awareness.

Objectives and Learning Promise for Resilient Leadership

  1. Learn to identify stress responses, and understand the relationship between your thoughts and your emotional responses
  2. Improve self-awareness by clarifying important personal values, and experience the process of catching yourself when your ego is blocking your awareness
  3. Experience why “leading from the inside out” is critical to resilience
  4. Practice direct “thought work” with peers, so you can leave the session with solid skills
  5. Learn how to recognize the “untold story,” because it impacts how you think and what you do

Learn How to be Resilient with the Leadership Group

Learn how to adapt to the pressure you put on yourself, move forward with more strength and bring more tranquility and humour into your life. This workshop is all about building endurance and managing your energy. During this session you will become a Resilient Leader who:

  • Understands that the situations around you will only change when you do
  • Effortlessly expands your abilities
  • Manages your response to stress and frustration with maturity and grace
  • Practices what you learn, even in difficulty
  • Feels good and moves forward in the unpredictable and hectic world of work and life


Added Bonus

Participants who enroll in the Ultimate 3-Day Leadership Training: Awakened Leader + Resilient Leadership also receive:

  • A 1-on-1 discovery coaching session
  • An additional 4 hours of group coaching calls