Exceptional Team Performance

an awesome, not boring, team planning process

Team planning for high-level results

Imagine if you offered your team a simple, effective and engaging team planning process that helps people:

  • Get clear on where you are going, who you are serving (inside the organization and outside)
  • Learn how to stay committed and on track with team goals
  • Determine what roles each member plays and any ways to better leverage team skills
  • Feel heard and listened to
  • Evolve as things change..

Exceptional Team Performance is strategic, engaging, values-based and results-oriented! It’s an un-boring planning process that creates the opportunity to engage a range of employees and leaders, build a shared sense of commitment, produce a collaborative team environment, and generate a plan that inspires, is totally doable and is completely integrated to the value you desire to bring to your stakeholders.


As a team you will:

  • Project where you would like to be in the short or long term
  • Map out the way to stick with the plan
  • Honour different working and leadership styles and build morale, trust, and proud ownership in the process


Your Outcomes:

  • Clear, actionable goal planning
  • Role clarity
  • Strengthened, higher performing (“Level 5” or Exceptional) teams
  • Increased organizational capacity
  • Improved business results


Your team characteristics redefined...

  • Client Driven— define team purpose & goals through customers’ lens
  • Goal and Role clarity — clearly define how each person benefits and contributes
  • Linked with performance measurement, improvement and values — all are vested in the success of each other; learn how to accept and give quality feedback; have each other’s backs and support each other’s development


How we do it; aka the process: 

  • Provide the team and individuals with the resources and training they need to succeed
  • Set SMART, Level-5 (Exceptional) goals to earn the desired reputation and achieve the team purpose
  • Define the team’s purpose based on the desired reputation with key Internal (employees, colleagues, managers etc.) and external etakeholders
  • Ensure role clarity and alignment with co-creating personal success plans for each team member including desired outcomes, best use of 2,000 hours (high value activities) and low value activities to be minimized
  • Measure progress and alignment with goals and values and course correct as necessary

Logistical Details


1.5 days <12 people

2 days >12 people 


Cost: $6600 + HST


Actual Value:

  1. $1250 Team Assessment and Results (administering and assembling results)
  2. $2500 Planning, Preparation and Design (with key team members)
  3. $5000 Facilitation (2 Days)
  4. All materials and support- $200 + $375
  5. $550 1.5 hour follow-up
Total: $9600 (>30% savings)

Limited Dates available.

Book now to secure Day 1 and our office will contact you to finalize your booking, and secure your preferred date for Day 2.


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