Team Coaching

Why does one team succeed wildly while another team with a similar model and talent fails miserably? Is it money? Is it the people? Case studies might highlight the successful team’s flexible business model or their fiscal responsibility. They might point to the failures of wasted budget or poor planning. But, in the end, all of that boils down to communication.No matter what, the fate of every company, organization, or family depends on the team’s ability to communicate clearly and constructively in a way that allows for constant growth and learning.

Why does your organization need team coaching?

Our Team Coaching process is a fun, inspiring and practical discovery process to further develop these essential leadership skills AS A TEAM: self-awareness, other-awareness, emotional intelligence, emotional safety, courage and conscious and healthy communication. These skills are necessary for all team members, not just leaders by title, to deliver results, lead by example, positively influence, and perform at their best during times of change, transition, conflict, stress and overwhelm in the workplace and in personal life.

The purpose is to address the most common barriers to performance that you may face on a daily basis: personal challenges, relationship relapses, shame, blame, guilt, trust issues, crises, conflicts, stress, power struggles.

We share conscious communication:  a “thinking and communication technology” that serves to diminish the unhealthy effects of the most common barriers to performance.

The practice of conscious communication strengthens the capacity of leaders (at any level) to engage in interactions that:

  • evolve emotions in a healthy way when in conflict
  • dissolve dysfunctional power struggles
  • diminish fears that come with expressing and receiving difficult messages
  • receive and give feedback without blame, shame or guilt
  • positively influence without authority where all people get their needs met, feel heard and understood
  • deliver results, with greater collaboration and less stress


The following 5 Steps are leveraged in the Team Coaching process to successfully support individual and team dynamics, needs, growth and impact:


Step 1 - Define the Design/Core Learning Team

The Design/Core Learning Team is a group of participants including managers (to be determined by TLG and the lead from your organization) who will work with a TLG Coach through a group coaching and inquiry process to design and choose which specific topics are most important to focus on to positively impact the health and performance of the team.


Step 2 - Coach the Design Team to design the learning sessions and choose topics to focus on, relevant to your specific needs, performance goals and desired reputation.


Step 3- Coaching for Skill Development (group sessions)


Step 4-Coaching for Skills Application and Integration into your work-life (group and one-on-one sessions)


Step 5- Coaching for continuous growth and integrating the development and growth with the business results


Gets you ready for Exceptional Team Performance (Planning).


Team Coaching with The Leadership Group is invaluable for those who want to:

  • Help their team be ready for the inevitable: conflicts, power dynamics, stress
  • Increase team effectiveness
  • Better understand relationship dynamics
  • Raise the bar in communication
  • Achieve better results, faster

Contact us for customized pricing relative to your needs.

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