Relationship Coaching

With our Relationship Coaching services, we work with individuals, teams, couples and families to make your relationships better. Experience what Conscious Communication can bring to your relationships.

Almost every single aspect of our lives is dependant upon the vitality of our relationships.

Our relationships can be strengthened through effective and healthy communications. The concept of prioritizing effective communication is intuitive, but the application can be elusive.

Have you ever said one thing only to find out your partner heard something completely different? Does all feedback sound like criticism? When expressing your feelings, do you sense your messsage is muddled? If you are feeling drained by inharmonious communicatons and relationships, we can help. Our Relationship Coaching can help you:

  • See the patterns that keep getting you stuck
  • Learn the language of connection and repair
  • Turn grievances into opportunities that will strengthen your relationships
  • Transform conflict into collaboration
  • Create and maintain a peace of mind while dealing with difficult situations

We use Conscious Communication to help you to see new perspectives by removing blame, shame and guilt so that better relationships emerge and better results can occur. Only when you have created empathy for yourself will you notice change in your relationship dynamics. You will feel more confident and secure, more relaxed and trusting. Creative ideas will flow more easily as you move on to problem solving stages. Strategic, creative brainstorming brings you to solutions you couldn’t possibly have seen before.


The Details

  1. Our Relationship Coaching services are for individuals or couples. 
  2. Each session is 1 hour long. You can sign up for 8 individual sessions or 12 individual or couple sessions.
  3. The sessions take place over the phone.
  4. All sessions include a personal profile assessment up front. You will also complete our development plan beforehand. This will help us to focus on an area of growth for each session, which will give you the most leverage in your relationships.
  5. After each session, you will have thought work, which is your own work to do as a result of the session. There will always be insight and information to move you forward and to try things on that will impact your relationships and impact your goals in between sessions.
  6. For couples coaching, there will be an interview to evaluate openness of each person in the couple. There are 4 sessions for each person, so you each create your own awareness. The last 4 sessions would be you as a couple together.
  7. Sessions are 1 to 2 weeks apart.