One-on-One Coaching

The Leadership Group's One-on-One coaching process is unlike traditional training programs, because it works from the inside out and focuses on the needs of the whole person instead of just building skills and new knowledge.

 Are you in a period of growth or transition? Are you facing a challenge?



Our One-on-one Coaching provides a highly personalized  and flexible approach to leadership development by tackling specific leadership challenges and providing practical ways to leverage your impact, performance, productivity, communication and engagement.  In One-on-One Coaching we are able to establish a personalized schedule.

When coupled with the Ultimate Leadership Training, we start with One-on-One coaching in advance of your Ultimate Leadership Experience, and then continue the individual learning journey afterward.  This heightens focus to accelerate your learning and mastery in this work. Your own energy and engagement levels will be the hallmark!

Our Coaching focuses on you becoming better able to:

  • Evolve through conflicts
  • Honour your own wellness
  • Eliminate time waste
  • Create understanding relationships where you and others get your needs met
  • Recognize and become unstuck from recurring behaviour patterns
  • Express honestly without guilt, blame or shame
  • Experience less stress and heightened focus




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