The Leadership Group is proud to offer free weekly group coaching calls to all who could use some added support right now. Allow us to help you navigate your way through this.

Dale & Trevor
The Leadership Group

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We know that staying mindful and productive can be challenging during times like these, and that the current health climate may be putting added strain on your already valiant efforts to live well. We would love to quell your fears by helping you to identify ways that you can best take care of yourself and your loved ones. During this “isolation” period, we will be offering complimentary group coaching calls every Thursday at noon (EDT) (starting March 26) to ALL those who would like to move beyond any current challenges they’re experiencing. Note: if you have concerns about sharing your concerns in this format, please know that most people are experiencing very similar struggles. Your share could be the thing that changes it all for someone else!

By way of our blogs, upcoming webinars, and these complimentary coaching calls, we are here to support you through this!

As always, The Leadership Group wishes you clarity and tranquility. We’re in this together!

Dale & Trevor
The Leadership Group

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