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The reason why the names of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen remain forever etched in our hearts and minds is because we all understand and revere the high level of vision, hard work and commitment to a practice that it takes to inspire and evoke global change. The Leadership Group's fundamental philosophy is that we must first BE, and then DO. The aim of our Conscious Leadership Experience is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to transform your life and also the lives of others by way of healthy and effective leadership.


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With your health in mind, the CLE's upcoming spring session has been postponed. The Leadership Group remains dedicated to assisting you in meeting your needs. Virtual assistance by way of our blogs, webinars and coaching calls will continue to provide you with advice on how to live a happier, healthier, less stressful and fearful life. Please stay connected with us.


Conscious Leadership Experience

What we aim to do 

►Impart knowledge and tools that will aid you in being the best version of yourself.


Reduce the intentional and unintentional harm that results from misaligned communication with self and others when demands, stress, conflict, and misunderstandings occur.


►Empower you to be an engaged and confident leader, be it in your home, your place of work, or your greater community.

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Is this the program for you?

Most people want to be happy in what they do, increase their productivity, strengthen their relationships, motivate others and build their resistance to daily life stressors, though, not all people are willing to put in the work. The Conscious Leadership Experience extends an invitation to all who are actively seeking to build upon their dynamic qualities and be shaped into a passionate, transformational leader. We encourage the participation of founders, managers and senior managers belonging to public and private sectors as well as leaders of social enterprise, non-profit and other mission-driven organizations.



We get to the root of things

Whether the change you seek is mostly internal and you're looking to be inspired, improve your mental health and change the way you communicate, or external and you wish to help others grow, better communicate and better cope with stress as demands and pressures increase, our conscious communication approach seeks to bring to light the realities that are obstructing the fulfillment of your goals and help you to accomplish them.  Also, we know that change can often take an emotional, physical, financial and interpersonal toll on one’s life so we’re here to assist you in making a valuable investment in your wellness by teaching you how to do change differently. We offer you the self awareness and communication tools necessary for transitioning with the most ease and least cost. In essence, these sessions are about reaching a deeper intelligence that will enable you to work and live your best life.




What to expect

We know that we cannot transform the behaviour of our environment unless we transform the quality of the awareness and attention that we apply to our actions within these environments, both individually and collectively. Starting with foundational truths and working from the inside out is the only way to go about establishing lasting change. It would be impossible to list all of what is covered over the course of our  Conscious Leadership Experience, but please look below for a better understanding of our process and the topics that are covered.

The process

1. Personal evaluation & Objective setting.

2. One-on-one coaching session to prep for the program and clarify desired outcomes.

3. Three days of in-person, interactive learning experience.

4. One-on-one follow-up coaching session after the experience has ended.

5. Twelve months of ongoing monthly group coaching calls.

6. Further one-on-one coaching calls can be bundled at time of registration.



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For Conscious Leadership Experience Alumni

You experienced the foundational program and it changed your life in a profound way. Now, you wish to take your understanding of conscious leadership to the next level. The Mastery Program will expand your personal development, sharpen your leadership skills and help you to further support others. This program has been designed to teach you how to increase and maintain your wellness and consistently implement our Conscious Leadership Method with all you encounter.





June 9, 10 & 18, 2020


In a world where the main focus is accruing “followers,” we work with people who want to create more leaders! Please join us on March 17th, 18th & 24th and allow The Leadership Group to be a part of your leadership success story.


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