Conscious Leadership Experience: Authentic. Awakening. Resilient.

Imagine transforming life’s little hardships into positive energy you can use to thrive as a leader. We’ve worked with some of the best leaders in the world, and in doing so, it’s become clear to us that effective leadership is more about “being” than “doing.”


The Conscious Leadership Experience is a foundational leadership program that will help you develop the awareness and skills to transform how your thoughts and emotions create a blueprint for your leadership behaviour in your work and personal life.


Objectives of the Conscious Leadership Experience: How to prepare for the inevitable.

  1. To inspire every individual to reduce the (unintentional or intentional) harm caused by how we communicate to self and others when demands, stress, power struggles, conflicts, challenges, mistakes and misunderstandings occur.

  2. To create safe, trusting, healthy and productive ways of communicating and engaging even when things aren’t perfect.

  3. To raise the consciousness of people in corporations, governments, nonprofits and families regarding the impact of their communication on well-being, creativity and performance.

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Why take a Conscious Leadership approach?

Whether you want to inspire yourself, help others grow, create a new strategy, improve your mental health, improve your team’s performance, change how you communicate with others or how they communicate with you or help people stay healthy as the demands and pressures increase, these are all about change. We know that change often comes at a cost: emotional, physical, financial or interpersonal cost. We want to help you do change differently, with more ease and less cost. In essence these sessions are about a deeper intelligence of how to work/live really well.


We know that we cannot transform the behaviour of our environment unless we transform the quality of the awareness and attention that we apply to our actions within these environments, both individually and collectively.


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Is it for you?  At the Leadership Group, our programs are designed to raise your consciousness and ignite your capacity to be agile, adapt and evolve when you meet adversity (unmet expectations, mistakes, misunderstandings, stress, demands, power struggles.)

What you will learn:

  • Uncover the 4 most common barriers to performance or satisfaction with work/life that we all experience to some degree
  • Apply tools and practices to shift your experience of these barriers so you can move from feeling stuck to performing well when these challenges arise
  • Describe and apply the 5 tenets of Conscious Communication to the extent that you see the relationship between consciousness and mental health/well-being, communication, performance/motivation, team/group culture
  • Evaluate how leadership skills, at work and at home can impact: mental health/well-being, communication, performance/motivation, team/group culture
  • Compare the results you experience using a conscious leadership approach, to your current leadership approach, in order to feel more ease, peace and alignment with your results
  • Develop an awareness of how to help others and organizations shift when they are stuck in any of the 4 common barriers to performance
  • Expand your network with other conscious leaders
  • Further your development by being able to coach and help others shift their consciousness (Mastery Program -coming in Spring 2019)


We support you to apply this new way of thinking and acting in your different leadership situations, strengthening your capacity to work with what comes up, moment to moment.

Available Dates:

March 17, 18 & 24, 2020

June 9, 10 & 18, 2020


More Details of the Conscious Leadership Experience:

This 3-day program offers you the first 2 days of practices and deep awareness to shift how you lead at work and at home.  You then take your learnings and practices and apply them back at work and life to better understand the advantages and challenges to applying this new way of positively impacting and inspiring others.  When you return for day 3, you are now much more aware of how to apply your learnings and you then solicit and receive feedback on how to further develop your skills. Through these experiences that are applied to your real-world, you build resilience through practicing the skills of conscious communication.


Added Bonus

Participants who enrol in the Conscious Leadership Experience also receive:

  • A 1-on-1 discovery coaching session
  • Group coaching calls are included (occur monthly and focus on applying the tools to specific topics/competencies related to: mental health, communication, time management, performance+motivation, culture )
  • Add 1-1 coaching to your Leadership Experience so you can apply learnings to areas and competencies that are most important to you. Get the benefit of the 3-day group program + 1-1 with this bundled discount!

Conscious Leadership is about using conscious communication to impact the most important ways of leading people at work and at home.

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Using the powerful skills of strategy, coaching, creative conversations and learning, you will notice patterns in your thoughts, actions and results. You will use reflection, fun and vision to uncover and conquer those challenges that have been blocking you.

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