Your world is changing too fast, so your team planning will serve you best if you do it regularly….

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Exceptional Team Performance

an awesome, not boring, team planning process

Team planning for high-level results

Imagine if you offered your team a simple, effective and engaging team planning process that helps people:

  • Get clear on where you are going, who you are serving (inside the organization and outside)
  • Learn how to stay committed and on track with team goals
  • Determine what roles each member plays and any ways to better leverage team skills
  • Feel heard and listened to
  • Evolve as things change..

Exceptional Team Performance is strategic, engaging, values-based and results-oriented! It’s an un-boring planning process that creates the opportunity to engage a range of employees and leaders, build a shared sense of commitment, produce a collaborative team environment, and generate a plan that inspires, is totally doable and is completely integrated to the value you desire to bring to your stakeholders.

As a team you will:

  • Project where you would like to be in the short or long term
  • Map out the way to stick with the plan
  • Honour different working and leadership styles and build morale, trust, and proud ownership in the process

Your Outcomes:

  • Clear, actionable goal planning
  • Role clarity
  • Strengthened, higher performing (“Level 5” or Exceptional) teams
  • Increased organizational capacity
  • Improved business results

Your Outcomes:

  • Client Driven— define team purpose & goals through customers’ lens
  • Goal and Role clarity — clearly define how each person benefits and contributes
  • Linked with performance measurement, improvement and values — all are vested in the success of each other; learn how to accept and give quality feedback; have each other’s backs and support each other’s development

How we do it; aka the process:

  • Provide the team and individuals with the resources and training they need to succeed
  • Set SMART, Level-5 (Exceptional) goals to earn the desired reputation and achieve the team purpose
  • Define the team’s purpose based on the desired reputation with key Internal (employees, colleagues, managers etc.) and external etakeholders
  • Ensure role clarity and alignment with co-creating personal success plans for each team member including desired outcomes, best use of 2,000 hours (high value activities) and low value activities to be minimized
  • Measure progress and alignment with goals and values and course correct as necessary

Logistical Details


1.5 days <12 people

2 days >12 people 

Cost: $6600 + HST

Actual Value:

  1. $1250 Team Assessment and Results (administering and assembling results)
  2. $2500 Planning, Preparation and Design (with key team members)
  3. $5000 Facilitation (2 Days)
  4. All materials and support- $200 + $375
  5. $550 1.5 hour follow-up

Total: $9600 (>30% savings)

Limited Dates available.

Book now to secure Day 1 and our office will contact you to finalize your booking, and secure your preferred date for Day 2.

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Are You Ready For A Change?

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You will most likely desire more once you get started!Don’t want to cut corners.

If you can’t feel you’re not alive. I’d check that out!:)

Team Coaching

Fun, practical discovery process to further develop these essential leadership skills AS A TEAM: self-awareness, other-awareness, emotional intelligence, emotional safety, courage and conscious and healthy communication. These skills are necessary for all team members, not just leaders by title, to deliver results, lead by example, positively influence, and perform at their best during times of change, transition, conflict, stress and overwhelm in the workplace and in personal life.

The purpose is to support our clients to address their most common barriers to performance that we can face on a daily basis: personal challenges, relationship relapses, shame, blame, guilt, trust issues, crises, conflicts, stress, power struggles.

We share conscious communication:  a “thinking and communication technology” that serves to diminish the unhealthy effects of the most common barriers to performance that you are guaranteed to face even if you are a great team who is well organized and gets on well.

Gets you ready for Exceptional Team Performance (Planning).


Exceptional Team Performance (Planning):

Planning session that is meaningful, practical, engaging and FUN session that:

  • Helps to Establish the team’s clear sense of purpose and desired reputation
  • Connects the business to your own personal leadership needs
  • Ties individual development to what the team is trying to do, how you contribute and what you need to be at your best
  • Allows you to get to know each other, have each other’s backs i.e. build trust
  • Gives a clear sense of direction through actionable team and individual goals
  • Defines roles and responsibilities as they evolve so knowledge sharing and support can thrive

Gets you ready for Team Coaching.

We can help you get your relationships unstuck and teach you to continuously have productive conversations that matter, so that you experience more peace, ease and joy. How awesome is that?

2x per year minimum

Most teams who are striving for being most agile and adaptable to the changing environment and changing team dynamics, do this 2 day process 2x per year to establish a baseline and then to check in to see if they are on track.


Or 3-4 times/year

Here is an example

1st quarter- 2 day session (ex. near the beginning of the year

2nd quarter-½ day check in, goal refinement, reputation check in, individual contribution check in

3rd quarter -½ day

4th quarter – 1-2 days set new goals