Coaching for Men

A lot is expected from you. Society demands that you produce, succeed, and push yourself without showing vulnerability. The Leadership Group knows that you’re only human. We can help you thrive by being just who you are.

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Coaching for Men

It can be difficult to follow your own path when society suggests you push your personl interests and desires aside to focus on supporting others and building empires. The Leadership Group’s Coaching for Men helps you to follow a more subtle calling—your own.

A lot is expected of men.

The Leadership Group is excited to announce leadership programming tailored specifically to men. We had started to notice some men-specific patterns of responding in our regular leadership training sessions. There seemed to be certain topics that received increased engagement from the men in our groups. While everybody can benefit from general leadership coaching, we started to think about finely tuning a product just for men. In designing this program, we have tried to target some of the societal influences, pressures and barriers to success that might be more acutely experienced by men.

Society tells you to produce, provide, thrive, and succeed, be a mentor to your colleagues and a role model for your children and your community. Keep going, don’t rest and most of all, don’t appear vulnerable. Communities prosper from male strength, protection, and selfless chivalry, but they really thrive when such power is combined with tenderness, generosity, and a benevolent spirit.

All of our coaching draws upon the foundation of non-violent communication, which is also called compassionate communication. Compassion at its roots is about the desire to end suffering and is really the start of all effective communication practices. We understand that one of the hardest journeys is for men to show themselves compassion. Harmful communication happens when people interact from a place of fear, doubt, worry, shame or guilt. A lot of this harmful communication happens in our own heads, and men often don’t have an outlet to share what’s going on for them. The foundational tools of compassionate communication teaches us that sharing power with others is actually more empowering than having power over others.

The Details

  1. Our Coaching for Men services are held over a series of 6 weekly group sessions. 
  2. The sessions take place over the phone.
  3. All sessions include an initial assessment up front. You will also complete our development plan. The development plan will be created in the first session and will be based on an area identified by you as having the greatest impact. This will help us to focus on an area of growth for each session, which will give you the most leverage in your relationships.
  4. After each session, you will have “lifework” to actually implement and sharpen your new skills. This is your personal practice as a result of the session. There will always be insight and information to move you forward and to try things on that will impact your life.

Make your move.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Leadership Group helps management and senior leaders with conscious communication designed to transform your relationships and results by shifting your individual and organizational communication style.

Coaching for public servants is one of our key offerings. With The Leadership Group’s government training sessions, you will learn how conscious communication transforms your meetings, your team dynamics and results. We can also help you design and fulfill your learning-plan requirements.

Our leadership coaching looks at your beliefs and ways of thinking, which fuel your habits and actions. If you want different results, you’ve got to change your thinking. Conscious communication is designed to move you from stress to solutions.

People don’t live and work in separate spheres. We support you in learning the steps needed to achieve insight and to make choices on work-life balance based on clarified values and desired outcomes.

We can help you get your relationships unstuck and teach you to continuously have productive conversations that matter, so that you experience more peace, ease and joy. How awesome is that?

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