Being Coached by The Leadership Group can help you transform your relationships and results

Together we look at the intersection of intention, inspiration and influence, so you can achieve what you want to achieve.

6 Pillars of Conscious Communication

There are many reasons to work with The Leadership Group. You may want to elevate your impact. Maybe you were promoted or are seeking a promotion. Perhaps you've received feedback and are implementing professional development plans. You might be going through change or transition. It could be your relationship is stuck, or not where you want it to be. Maybe you're having challenges getting your point across to others and feel misunderstood. Or maybe you're just inspired to make a change. 

We will use our 6 Pillars of Conscious Communication methodology to help you. 


1. Language

We show you how to have conversations that shift how you think—that remove negatives like blame, shame and guilt

2. Leading

We coach you to lead from the inside out—leading with self first and sharing power with others, not over others

3. Lens

We teach you to use a new lens to look at your life, work and those around you—seeing new possibilities

4. Learning

We support your learning—as you get new results by changing behaviour due to new thinking and better choices

5. Listening

We show you the different ways to listen—get valuable insight to guide your decision-making and communication

6. Life Studio

We help you create a Life Studio—an approach that ensures ongoing self-study and self-mastery in the real world

Coaching Services

The Leadership Group has extensive training and real-world experience in using the tools of coaching to help managers and executives perform to the best of their abilities—and often far beyond their own expectations. Our coaching services are listed below. 


1-on-1 Coaching

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Matched to your needs, this highly personalized approach tackles specific challenges and provides practical ways to leverage your impact, performance, productivity, communication and engagement.


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Team Coaching

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We help departments, boards, committees, teams, and whole organizations overcome barriers in communication and cooperation. Our coaching helps leaders take their teams from good to great. 


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Ultimate 3-Day Leadership TrainingPopular

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This 3-day course will shift your consciousness for reducing stress and conflict, engaging and inspiring others, making tough decisions, shifting culture an getting results. Join us in February and March 2018.


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Group Coaching Calls

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Group coaching includes goal setting, action plans, and competency development to ensure you achieve your leadership goals, while also learning a repeatable process to achieve success.


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Relationship Coaching for Individuals and Couples

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Transform conflict into collaboration. Whether a relationship with your boss, employees, spouse or children, we work with individuals and couples to make your relationships better. 


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Authentic Coaching for Women

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Despite what you've been told, it is possible to have it all. The Leadership Group can help you get to the top of your game, while ensuring you're aligned with the decisions you're making. 


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Coaching for Men

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Society demands that you produce, succeed, and push yourself without showing vulnerability. The Leadership Group knows that you're only human. We can help you thrive by being just who you are.


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