We're in this Together: COVID-19

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 18, 2020 11:47:36 AM / by Dale Allen posted in Conflict, Leadership, Relationships, stress, mental health, Awareness, Wellness, Performance, Gratitude, Progress, Energy, Stuck, Family

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Times of uncertainty can trigger fear and confusion, but it doesn’t have to. Here, you will find tips that will help move you from fear to acceptance, and from confusion to clarity, as we highlight the abundance of incredible opportunities that can be found in this time of great change, including our newly offered complimentary group coaching sessions.

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Getting Unstuck

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 3, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by Trevor Stevenson posted in Conflict, Leadership, Awareness, Wellness, Performance, Stuck

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Going through the motions, coasting on autopilot, or just feeling plain old stuck--whatever you happen to call this uninspiring state, we all know how it feels to struggle with motivation in the workplace. These useful tips will get you and your team moving again in no time!

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How to Better Understand and Resolve Your Triggers

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 30, 2020 12:35:11 PM / by Dale Allen posted in Conflict, Leadership, Relationships, stress, mental health, Awareness, Wellness, Engagement, Performance, Progress, Success

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In speaking with someone, have you ever shouted out an impassioned and cutting retort or belted at them a churlish and icy command? Perhaps you can call to mind an intense experience with your child, neighbour, employee, or spouse. What was it that had you do that? Was it something they had said or didn’t say? Or, perhaps, your reaction was the result of something they had done or failed to do. No matter the cause, I’m going to bank on the fact that you weren’t feeling so great in the moment of your reaction. And once you calmed down and reflected on the situation, you may have noticed that your reaction didn’t land all that well with the other person or people involved. Whether your goal is to repair internal damage, heal damaged relationships, reinforce your resilience, or learn how to better lead and support others, this article offers you a framework that will inform and encourage you at a time when patience seems to be at an all time low and reactions so very automatic. 

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Meaningful Rituals to Achieve your Resolutions

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 15, 2020 10:26:13 AM / by Trevor Stevenson posted in Leadership, Relationships, Awareness, Vision, Wellness, Performance, Goals, Progress, Success

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 When is the last time you started fresh? I mean truly, thoughtfully, found the reset button that’s hidden somewhere deep in the nook of your mind and pressed it firmly with the intention to move forward in a new direction? Maybe you tossed that pack of cigarettes in the trash can, or you purged your fridge of processed foods and joined the gym down the street. Or could it be that your goal was more subtle? Maybe you decided that it was high time to be more present; to embody the body that you were blessed with and live life in real time. 

No matter the intention, be it part of a long list, or a single ambition, finding the courage to take a leap forward into uncharted territory can be a brooding challenge for us all. For this reason, we often wait for a milestone to arrive before we feel empowered enough to initiate the change. And, now, here we are, possibly the biggest milestone of all is upon us. Welcome to 2020: the age of flying cars and teleportation! What a time to be alive! Okay, okay, so perhaps we’re not quite there yet and these are just futuristic visions I had conjured up as a child, but the point remains, we are officially living in a time when just about anything is possible. From designer bodies, to designer homes, we have the ability to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, does this rump spark joy? And if it doesn’t? Well, what better time than today, the beginning of an era, to do something about it, right? 

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From Holiday Panic to Holiday Zen

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 18, 2019 12:45:58 PM / by Dale Allen posted in Leadership, Relationships, stress, Awareness, Wellness

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You’re driving into work with your mind on the proposal that’s neatly tucked away in your bag; the one you stayed up half the night preparing, the one that could have benefited from even just ten more minutes of fine-tuning, had you an ounce more energy.  The snow is fiercely blowing, your eyes are red from exhaustion, and the unexpected traffic is causing you to glare resentfully at a clock that is advancing faster than usual. You switch on the radio for some solace and that’s when you hear the most horrifying sound: “Have a holly jolly Christmas; it’s the best time of the year!” 

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Gratitude - For whatever ails you!

[fa icon="calendar'] May 23, 2019 11:47:09 AM / by Dale Allen posted in Relationships, Awareness, Wellness, Engagement, Gratitude

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No matter what’s wrong with you, my friend, there’s more right with you than wrong.

This saying makes me laugh! (and you know how I love to laugh ;)  But it's SO true! We can get so caught up in what's wrong; with ourselves, at work, with our kids, our marriage, our finances....That we forget to acknowledge all the good. 

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“It’s Not In My Job Description!” - Resistance in Your Team Members

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 23, 2019 6:54:58 AM / by Dale Allen posted in Confidence, Leadership, Influence, stress, mental health, Awareness, Engagement, Performance

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“It’s not in my job description” is a phrase you’ve probably heard many times as a leader. Whether you’ve asked a team member to cover for someone or take on a last minute assignment, “It’s not in my job description” can be a default response in the workplace.

How do you feel when you hear this? Frustrated? Exhausted? Disappointed?

Getting to a place of understanding and empathizing with your employees when they use this response will help relieve these emotions, and also allow you to communicate and approach them in a more successful way.

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How to have a drama free holiday and enjoy it the most

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 18, 2018 10:41:50 PM / by Dale Allen posted in Confidence, Leadership, stress, mental health, Awareness, Wellness

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Got Workmares? (Nightmares about work)

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 5, 2018 6:00:00 AM / by Dale Allen posted in Confidence, Leadership, stress, mental health, Awareness, Wellness

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  1. A nightmare about work.

  2. A fear-based dream about your place of employment, roles and responsibilities, co-workers, clients and conflicts.

Ex. I had a workmare last night about a Nerf-gun war at work where the Nerf darts were full of truth serum. When I got hit with a Nerf bullet in my back side, I told my boss he was a bosshole!

I woke up before the end of the dream but I was sure I got fired.


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Authentic Teams: How to clear up issues that degrade relationships and performance

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 20, 2018 12:35:34 AM / by Dale Allen posted in Leadership, Relationships, mental health, Awareness, Wellness

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Have you ever experienced tense moments at work or home when people disagree, over- power, feel intimidated, defend, offend, prove people wrong, prove that they are right, get frustrated or angry and think, say and do things that are hurtful?  Yes?!

So have I, and I have definitely contributed to these in different ways. That's why I developed the process below.

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