Important Holiday Notice


During holiday season, when I’m on holiday, seeing others on holiday, meeting with people whose people are on holiday, I notice more, and I notice things differently.


  • I notice the mind slows down and can be present, more easily.
  • That if I pause and breathe, and choose to take in all that’s around me, the breeze, the gentle waves, the birds and crickets, the rustling leaves… that I feel really good, deep down in my soul.
  • I notice people smile more on holidays.
  • I notice we say hello more; that you have your head up more and are your devices less.
  • I notice more cloud formations and how they move.
  • I notice more children and more pets. I notice their happiness and their playfulness.
  • I play more. And stress less.
  • I notice people hold more perspective on what feels right and is working than what’s wrong and broken.
  • I notice everyone being outside more. I notice concentrated periods of work, with intentional end times. I notice different traffic patterns; the distinct shift from M-F to F-S.
  • I notice more gatherings — on the deck, the street, the main floor and the lunch room.
  • I notice more people talk and more people smile. 
  • I notice the erratic, playful, freeing flight of butterflies.
  • I notice more openness to ideas and less “this is the way it’s always been”.


This is my holiday notice.

What did you see?


Wishing you and your team a great Fall season.

 Trevor and Dale.

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